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Knowledge Acquisition, Validation, and Maintenance in an Automated Planning System for Image Processing S. A. Chien Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-based systems. Banff, Canada. November 1996
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Static and Completion Analysis for Planning Knowledge Base Development and Verification S. A. Chien International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems. Edinburgh, UK. May 1996
Intelligent Tools for Planning Knowledge Base Development and Verification S. A. Chien European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop. Nottingham, UK. May 1996
Adaptive Problem-solving for Large Scale Scheduling Problems: A Case Study J. M. Gratch, S. A. Chien Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research . Vol. 4 1996 . + PS + PDF CL#95-0701
Automating Operations for a Network of Comunications Antennas R. Hill, S. Chien, K. Fayyad IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, and Neural Network. Honolulu, HI. August 1996
SOE-Driven Automation of the Deep Space Network R. Hill, S. Chien, K. Fayyad, P. Santos, C. Smyth, R. Chen, R. Bevan JPL Telecommunications and Data Acquisition Progress Report . March 1996 .
Plan Execution for Autonomous Spacecraft B. Pell, E. Gat, R. Keesing, N. Muscettola, B. Smith AAAI Symposium on Plan Execution. Cambridge, MA. Fall 1996


CL 03-2501